The Company was established in 1982 to initially build bimini tops and boat covers; the need to effectively address the diverse environmental conditions of the Bay and Delta ultimately lead it to distinguish itself by pioneering the next generation in canvas enclosure design. Characterized by a tight fitting, clear, smooth surface, constructed to withstand the seasonal demands of the various microclimates, the Company gained market acceptance and thereby expanded by employing a broad spectrum of window solutions and canvas approaches. Zipper construction to support the exact customized fits, frames configured for each boat’s need, fasteners uniquely selected for each requirement and a breadth of available material types enabled each design to look and perform as if it was an original tailored for the specific boat. Attention to detail down to the selection of goretex thread to insure optimum integrity by withstanding all environmental elements and dedication to the continuous care of the product once installed, all contributed to customer acceptance and market leadership. The in-house expertise developed over 3 decades has historically enabled the use of the Company’s capability with a broad spectrum of boat types and applications and has driven a natural evolution to meet demand for not only awnings but also for various commercial and home applications.

Built on empiricism and consistently guided by customer request and need, The Company has evolved from its canvas solutions birthright to being the source for the upgrade, repair and maintenance of an expanding set of boat needs. The boat owner wanted one place to go and one person to manage his projects. We meet that demand. This eliminated the frustration inherent with sourcing a diverse set of boat needs and scheduling their completion. So interior and exterior services emerged as the norm and upholstery, flooring, lighting, window treatment, and wall covering became part of our capability. Today this trend continues as the floor treatment offering is being expanded,audio-video systems installed, electronics sourced and software tools to help with overall management of one’s boat integrated. Along the way, passion for boating underlies all efforts and “no” has been eliminated from our vocabulary. We continue to innovate with flooring systems, carpet binding and window treatments to name just a few as we strive to provide the very best as a one-stop shop.

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