We are committed to having you own one of the best cared for boats on the water. Comprehensive management and preventive care of your boat is now facilitated with the availability of our DIY capability and access to our expanded Vessel Management Portal. The Portal includes the following:

  1. Cloud-based boat profile with searchable manuals and documents powered by Vessel Vanguard for ready access to all information about your boat systems, equipment, parts, interiors and hull elements.
  2. Expanded on-line task alerts that also include canvas, interior, exterior and hull elements for scheduling audits and for performing periodic maintenance.


Click to view a 2 minute video about Vessel Vanguard

Discover the leading maintenance management solution for boats of all types and sizes that has been specially enhanced to facilitate full utilization of the one-stop shop capability from West Coast Canvas and Yacht Services.

The cloud based service built with the Bay and Delta microclimates in mind has been uniquely expanded to enable you to view, manage and share a comprehensive set of information when and where you need it; activation includes a choice of various levels of oversight and vessel audit depending upon how involved you want to be with your boat management.

  • On-line Boat Profile developed with you establishes cloud based digital manuals for your boat and its equipment plus a calendar of all required maintenance, inspection schedules, warranties and other content for a comprehensive oversight of your boat’s maintenance and preventive audit needs.
  • At-a-glance access to all manuals – organized availability of a comprehensive set of information about your boat, equipment and parts right from the Boat Profile.
  • Expanded to include Canvas, Interior and Exterior elements and systems.

The enjoyment of your time on the water is precious. Don’t lose a minute of it to preventable repairs, unexpected maintenance and downtime. Our expanded version of Vessel Vanguard makes it easy to understand and
manage your boat’s many maintenance requirements, giving you confidence in its condition every time you take the helm. A well-maintained boat is the key to your enjoyment on the water. Our Vessel Vanguard solution brings a powerful set of features and capabilities to help you along the way:

  • Searchable e-Manuals that you can read on your PC, tablet or smartphone replace pounds of print versions.
  • Receive Task Alerts and inspection notices via email or text.
  • Simply click to assign and schedule work, check parts inventories, create service reports and more.
  • Easily add equipment and tasks to your Boat Profile.
  • Upload work orders, invoices and other service-related documents to your Profile.
  • Keep track of parts on board or in shore side inventory.

Go from “in your head” to “in your hand”; and thereby always be “on watch”. Our Staff is prepared to guide you in developing the Boat Profile and in getting started.
Just contact us.