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Special Expertise For Unique Needs
Mattresses & Bedding | Flooring Solutions | Sanitation Systems | Marine Electronics | Fiberglass Gelcoat


We will insure that you get it right the first time by doing it all. Assessing, measuring, customizing, building and installing. Personalized for your space and needs.

  • Mattresses (Comfort Tailored)
  • Sheets
  • Bolsters
  • Bedspreads
  • Pillows
Mattresses and Bedding

We have a broad range of thicknesses and materials to meet your comfort requirements and your specific boat environment so that your sleep on your boat is just like home. Foam or gel, 6” to 9” thickness, single, double or triple layer, we can build it your way to deliver you optimized comfort. Let us assess your need. Companion mattress pads, toppers and custom fit sheet sets are also available to match your mattress specifications. If you require it hinged, we can meet that need as well. Our proximity to the Bay and Delta insures obtaining the proper specifications with complimentary ease, the first time.


We at West Coast Canvas and Yacht Services are the Bay and Delta leader in marine flooring design and installations. We take a unique consultative approach to flooring solutions and create custom designs that are both cost effective and personalized.

Our design capability, product knowledge, installation expertise, buying power, textile expertise and technical knowledge achieved over decades of installing a broad spectrum of flooring solutions enable an appropriate and efficient recommendation for your boat and its environment. We are as meticulous and skilled with flooring as we continue to be with our upholstery and
canvas personalization. We consider the specificity of your boat to insure a successful tailored installation. The following criteria influence our recommendations:

Flooring Solutions

1. Product performance specifications
2. Sub-floor characteristics
3. Surface irregularities
4. Hatch placements

5. Trim and corner requirements
6. Padding specifications
7. Boat characteristics
8. Boat environment

With our consultative approach, we will understand your flooring need and guide your selection process regardless of whether you just bought your boat, are selling your boat or are looking to upgrade an existing boat. Our boat-specific expertise acquired over
decades of confronting diverse applications and our access to a broad spectrum of options and alternatives for flooring solutions enables us to provide informed consulting to address the demand for upgrade, repair or maintenance within one-stop. From the largest product selection inventory in the Bay and Delta to site preparation and tailored installation that meets expectations, we do it all as the marine flooring installation expert.

Whether the application is for the exterior or the interior of your boat, we can readily provide the solution. Click below to learn more about our Exterior and Interior flooring solutions.


We maintain a broad selection of textiles, finishes, textures and colors which can confront
the marine environment to deliver the proper solution for decking and other exterior
applications. Selection options for upgrade will consist of one of the following:

1. Real teak for the ultimate in deck elegance.

2. Synthetic teak – three price point levels and a broad spectrum of product
characteristics enable an informed recommendation to provide a teak appearance with a
cooler surface, less maintenance and at a lower cost than real teak.

a. Flexiteek:
The leader in the synthetic teak market; lightest of all options and the coolest of the


b. PermaTeek:
Marine decking that can be fitted to almost any surface due to its flexibility that enables
it to be shaped or contoured. It has a roughened surface that looks like natural grain,
sound insulating benefits and has very good non slip qualities even when wet. It is
highly resistant to sun, rain and seawater, and has the broadest range of colors and
caulking enhanced by its unique choice of shading.


c. PlasDECK – newly introduced:
It provides various alternative choices in colors and caulking with many of the same
product features and benefits as other market entrants but at a more affordable cost for


3. Infinity – a distinctive luxury woven vinyl newly available which is the latest entry in exterior flooring solution and for which West Coast is the exclusive Bay and Delta dealer.

a. Superior durability with a next generation vinyl backing
b. No water absorption due to a proprietary moisture barrier
c. Cleans easy
d. Rich in appearance
e. Easy to maintain
f. Ultimate for barefoot comfort
g. UV stable; resistant to fading


4. Corinthian -the standard in premium marine exterior carpeting and the most affordable


We maintain a broad selection of textiles, finishes and colors to deliver the proper solution for interior applications as we assess your specific application including hatches and trims. Your selection considerations for upgrade will consist of one of the following:

1. Hardwood engineered floors for the ultimate in interior floor elegance.

2. Lonseal – a collection of high-performance, slip-resistant, marine vinyl flooring in teak and holly. These are resilient wood-like flooring products that have pushed the limits of vinyl convention for over 30 years. This marine flooring offers a range of colors, styles and surface attributes with 2 surface options: glossy or matte which uses Topseal, a
factory-applied urethane finish. Both options have color coordinating trim. All products feature: 1. flexible vinyl sheet construction allowing for moisture-free seams, baseboard coving and vertical surface applications; and 2. a low-maintenance finish that eliminates refinishing expenses.


3. Carpet – marine-certified in either wool or nylon – broad spectrum of fibers that guarantees the ability to satisfy the taste and demands for any application.

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